From Television City in Hollywood…

Apparently, CBS is selling Television City–a complex of TV studios built in the 1950s on the site of an old stadium. This comes several years after NBC sold its Burbank studios. Television City was mostly used for variety and game shows; CBS’s facility in nearby Studio City was used for sitcoms (including The Mary Tyler Moore Show–in fact, the facility was briefly known as CBS-MTM Studios).

I mention this because CBS recently posted a gallery of CBS Television City photographs. If you’re interested in the history of American television, as I am, they’re worth a browse.

One final note: although the phrase “From Television City in Hollywood” is familiar (if anybody can name the show or shows where it was spoken, please post a comment), the facility is not, technically, in Hollywood, California. Instead, it is located in Fairfax.




Welcome to Silicon Alley (Hollywood 3.0)

Aerial_Hollywood_SignThe next big thing has already begun… on Silicon Beach. If the term is unfamiliar, think in terms of a third generation’s reinvention of Hollywood (with a far larger SoCal geographic area)–first came movies, then TV, now Internet. This fast-growing community makes use of the (hungry) local creative community, welcomes investment from 20th century moguls, and offers instruction and consulting to old school Hollywood studios.

Read all about in this article, published in Variety just before Thanksgiving.

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