Digital Insider attempts to make sense of the many changes that have transformed, and are transforming, our lives. And, I’ve learned, I write about resistance to change, too.

I enjoy writing about the creative process, and about important ideas that seem to be changing the way we see the world. Sometimes, I write about music, travel, or food, and sometimes, I go deep on technology, or some other aspect of change.

Articles about products / services are written without compensation from the companies who make  or sell them, but some products are provided by the manufacturers for review purposes (books, for example).


  1. Charles Ireland says:

    Please keep us informed and enthused. In this new world order that has been thrust upon us we will always need an “inside voice” to help burrow through the cacophony of commercial advertisement and promotion that proports itself as being the “truth”……. about music, electronics, and other forms of entertainment.

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