Digital Insider attempts to make some sense of the many changes that have transformed, and are transforming, our lives. And, I’ve learned, it’s about resistance to change.

At first, I thought the best way to write about change was to focus on consumer technology, as well as large-scale developments and trends.  Week after week, I’ve found myself thinking, and writing, about change in two very different directions. We hold the future in our hands, we buy it at Best Buy or our local computer shop. The pace of change is rapid, and often confusing, and Digital Insider has become one of the places on the web where clear explanations are available. That’s the first direction, and it’s all about technology, the future, and shifts in the ways we work, create, and share ideas.

The second direction is about the institutions that remain, the ones that resist change. And, despite the name of this blog (which I am now reluctant to change), they are not always digital. Sometimes, they’re digital: looks at school and education, creativity, economics, money, government, the job market, all of these are, and will be, much affected by the digital revolution. Then, there’s food, travel, art, music, craft, hands-on traditions, ideas that are resistant to digital transformation. When approaching these topics, I attempt to focus on the insider part of the blog’s name, providing a view that may not be apparent at first glance.

When I started the blog, I was certain that it would be (using my original words here), “a site that’s filled with useful information about products, services, trends, creative tools, software, and the remarkable new ideas made possible by digital technology.” This remains true, but now, there’s more to the story.

Hopefully, you will find Digital Insider fun to read, useful, and worth visiting on a regular basis.

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