My name is Howard Blumenthal. I have been writing about media, technology, books, music, creativity, and ideas for a long time.

I wrote a newspaper column for The New York Times Syndicate and The United Feature Syndicate. The column ran in about a hundred newspapers including The Chicago Sun-Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Cleveland Plain-Dealer, many Gannett papers, and in Puerto Rico, Pakistan, and elsewhere. I’ve written about two dozen books about creativity, business, marketing, music, technology, history, and media.


  1. Dear Howard Blumenthal,

    I’ve found your post in the Internet where you mentioned Michael Baronov:

    I already wrote and published my post about him:

    Let me ask you about a permission to translate some part of your blog into Russain (including some photos)
    and use it for updating my post about Michael Baronov.

    I appreciate any help of you in development of my KinoNlog & Ru KinoStarz project.

    Best regards

    Oleg Lubske
    Film / Media Projects Developer
    Award Winning Producer / Director / Writer
    Produced Screenwriter (ISA Member) / Blogger
    Editor (FCPX/Motion5/DaVinciResolve, LAPPG Member)
    Streaming Media Specialist
    A honorary citizen of Davis, California

    • Apologies for the delayed response. The answer is yes, you may duplicate this blog article provided that you include a link to the original.

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