Bend Me, Shape Me, See Right Through Me

This falls into the category of “totally amazing stuff.” You’re looking at one of several Samsung screens that will probably be available sometime in 2012. Yes, that’s a cell phone. Apparently, Samsung (which is turning itself into an awesome company on the display side, BTW) is working with Nokia to bring this concept to life, and to market, and to change everybody’s notions of what a phone, and a display, can be.

Initially, Samsung’s new screens will be introduced in Nokia phones.  Soon after, there will be tablets that are not only flexible, but see-through. Imagine looking through a map, with interactive directions, and directly in front of you at the same time. (Certainly, there will be heads-up displays used in automobiles for just that purpose, but maybe that comes a bit later on.)

The technology is called “flexible AMOLED.”

Interesting? This is just one of many mind-blowing moments in Samsung’s (Japanese-language) video. And, if you want more insight, check out this article in the London Daily Mail.

Even more interesting a thoroughly conceptual video from Samsung which illuminates the company’s view of their future. (It may take a moment to load.)

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