Old-School Selfies

DurerGosh, I am so tired of hearing the term “selfies.” It’s been named ‘word of the year’ for Oxford University’s Dictionary. You’d think they’d choose something more interesting.

Charley Parker put together a far better definition of the term, in pictures.

Three links, all worth a visit, as are so many of his posts on the altogether wonderful Lines & Colors blog: Selfies, More Selfies, and Selfies #3.

Among Charley’s selections, I think I like the self-portrait drawn by Albrecht Dürer best. Dürer was thirteen years old when he drew that picture. Think about that for a moment: he was thirteen in 1494, just two years after Columbus sailed the ocean blue. And now, we’re reposting the teenager’s drawing image on a website.

There are a lot of self-portraits on the three posts, but I think I like N.C. Wyeth’s portrait second-best. Pictured below, I think this particular image is one of N.C.’s  best.

As for iPhone selfies, no so much.

Last year’s OED word of the year was “omnishambles” – “a situation that has been comprehensibly mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunder and miscalculations.” As in so many situations that involve the word (you saw this coming a mile away): “selfies.”


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