Steve Wozniak: 1984 Speech

What fun! Here’s Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak speaking about the earliest days of Apple Computer, working with Steve Jobs, and more. It’s a moment in time, a speaking engagement from 1984. He is speaking to the Denver Apple Pi Computer club. Thank you, Vince Patton, for uploading these videos to YouTube for all to see. You can watch the whole speech, in order, here, or just sample some of the best moments on the video clips below.

Attending College, Ended up at Hewlett Packard (including the excitement of obsoleting the slide rule!)

Wozniak and his passion for programming:

College Pranks:

Making the Apple I Computer:

There are more, I think, but this will keep us all busy for a half hour or so.

BTW, Wozniak is an articulate, engaging public speaker. The same is true of his work as an author. If you haven’t read his book, iWoz, I wholeheartedly recommend it.


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