Mashup: Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr = Vine


What the world needs is… looping videos.

  • Norman, the Scooter Dog
  • A quick scream-filled ride downhill on a roller coaster
  • Laundry flapping in the breeze on a windy, cloudy day
  • A car covered in snow, with snow removed in a stop-action sequence
  • A banana being sliced
  • A little boy and a little girl, holding hands as they ride in an open-top train
  • A cartoon sketch of an elephant head shaking from side to side
  • Scenes from Chinese New Year in NYC
  • A teenage girl making funny faces
  • Hot air balloons in flight
  • A girl washing her face and brushing her teeth
  • A paper clip that unbends itself into a heart
  • A guy riding a bicycle and ringing a bell

So here’s Vine, now being used for local coverage of street news, brief documentation of automobile rides and walks on the beach, a great many people posing for the camera and sticking out their tongues (each in his or her own Vine video), producers whose stop-motion animation desperately needs a tripod, (inevitably) porn (find it on your own; there’s enough of it to require warnings and generate complaints).

Will it succeed? Well, Vine has been live for just two weeks, so it’s early days. But the company has already been acquired by a larger one that is likely to affect its prospects. Vine has been purchased by Twitter.

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