My Website Doesn’t Look So Good (on my mobile phone)

You’ve got a perfectly good website, looks great on any computer. The only problem: fewer and fewer people are seeing your website on a computer. More and more, it’s the way that the website looks on a mobile device that matters. Oh, sorry, one more problem: there are at least a dozen different mobile devices, and your website will not look the same on any two of them. Some text wraps, some does not. Some graphics are shown, others are cut-off. What a mess?

Check out the images below, and click on any of them to see a more complete picture with even more devices. Try it with your website, and then, either find a pre-made solution (WordPress offers one for blogs, for example), or start thinking about a secondary website design for your business, etc.

Every week, it’s a brave new world.

Diff view of website

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