All I Want for Christmas (Next Year) is My Apple TV

I want what you want: a new TV with the smart design and feature set that ties into the rest of my Apple gear. I want to be able to use Mail and Safari, Pages and Keynote, YouTube and Dropbox, and I want it all on a 45-inch screen that I can operate with an iPhone or iPad. I want to use my Apple TV for FaceTime with friends and family–a telephone that is also my TV screen. I want apps that work across TV, phone and tablet platforms, and more apps designed for the TV. I want a lot of stuff… but I haven’t thought about this nearly as much, or in as much detail, as Jeremy Allaire, the CEO of BrightCove, a forward-thinking cloud-based software provider. Below, a sample screen from a wonderful guest article on All Things Digital by Allaire, followed by the link to his article. Have fun! a look at the article “All I Want for Christmas is My Apple TV” here.

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