Hurricane Hackers – A New Way to Help, or Be Helped

“Hola! Welcome to #HurricaneHackers: a shared space for gathering information and organizing tech+social projects related to Hurricane Sandy.”

“Dear Civic Media fans —

If you’re in a safe, powered, Internet’d place, here’s a great opportunity to contribute to realtime and future work around Hurricane Sandy…

Civic’s “Hurricane Hackers” is collecting ideas and datasets to create tools related to the storm…and already building tools with them. Everything is welcome. Well-developed projects already include a dynamic timeline, a map of livestreams, and an incredible set of hurricane-related resources — both historical and for Sandy.” (from their introductory email)

This pop-up site may become a very useful tool in the next 24-72 hours. It’s a contributory document, a group collaboration to gather relevant links and guidance. The organization behind the project is the Center for Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab. Find it here.

It’s best explained by example. Below, some excerpts (1045AM eastern time on Monday):


Project Brainstorming:

What might we make? Add your own idea, or +1 those you like.

Ways to help

  • a map of places that need sandbagging, and a way for people to sign up to help sandbag at particular locations.
  • AfterSandy Benefit Parties: when Sandy’s over, have people hold house parties as benefits for people who lose something. Start organizing these early, while there’s lots of attention. Maybe just use MeetUp to do this.
  • CrashPads? Matching people with spare rooms with people who need them?

Sandy Impacts

Apologies for the sometimes-ugly formatting. Cut-and-paste is not always perfect.

More later. Be safe.

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