Digital Warfare


Michael Reynolds/European Pressphoto Agency (NY Times)

Today’s New York Times included an article that may turn some digital heads. The next threat may not involve guns and bombs, but stealthy data intended to destroy telecommunications and other essential infrastructure. This ultimate hack is especially nasty because it is so difficult to detect, faceless, instantaneous, and associated with many so many potential points of failure.

As Defense Secretary Leon Panetta attempts to change minds and law, it’s worth your time to (a) stop dreaming of the new iPad Mini for a moment, and (b) consider the ways in which we could and should defend against 21st century cyberwar. Sounds like a science fiction novel, I’m sure, but this is becoming a powerful, significant nightmare scenario.


  1. The future is now 🙂

  2. fataldeviation says:

    Wow. The abuse of technology is escalating to new heights! The Big-Brother style election data-mining stunt is also a warning flag. What can we do!

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