Nielsen: Connected TV on the Rise

Watch Pat McDonough, SVP Insights and Analysis at Nielsen. She knows a lot–perhaps more than any other human being–about how and why Americans watch television.

Americans spend more time watching video than we do working.

We continue to average about 155 hours of total viewing (all screens and devices) per month–over 4 hours per day, every day.

94% of video is watched on–what else–a traditional TV screen. YES BUT–in 2008, 99.4 percent was on TV, and less than four years later, in Q1 2012, we’re seeing 3 percent online plus 3 percent more on mobile devices–that is, (more than) 6 percent of viewing is online or mobile. By next year, my guess would be 10 percent of viewing not on TV, but on other devices. And it’s accelerating.

Nearly half of American households use a DVR. That’s up by nearly 80% over the most recent five year period. Three quarters of us have a high-definition set.

Half of us own a smart phone. Two thirds of American Asians own a smart phone.  More than two thirds of people 25-34 own a smart phone.

Internet TV is not yet popular, but penetration has grown to about 10 percent.

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