Relaxing with a (legal?) cocktail

It’s taken more than a week to set up the iPad. Some unexpected issues:

1. Poking around the App Store absorbed most of my free time. I didn’t think much about the iPad as a kind of ultimate seductive shopping device, but that’s what it turns out to be.

2. I found myself learning more about video files and video file formats than I want to know. Audio and music files were easy; video files required study, questions to friends, a visit to the Apple Store to talk to a Genius, and a few hours of research. I believe I am using HandBrake in a legal way, but I’m unsure why there is no similar commercial product (for legal use).

3. From a work perspective, moving files back-and-forth between the apps and the cloud is cumbersome (and proved difficult to figure out–until I visited the Apple Store’s Genius).

4. Even with Apple’s Smart Cover, you need a case to protect the whole iPad. There are a lot of cases available–and a lot of articles about cases, sleeves, and all sorts of stuff. Almost none of it exists at any local Best Buy, Staples, Apple Store, etc. I found my case here:

Apparently, the devices are still difficult to find–supposedly because demand is exceeding supply by about 500% (again, my source is my Genius). Imagine that–and try to come up with ANY other product where this kind of shortage exists. (Comments welcome.)

Now that this little obsession is settling down, I’m back to issues.

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